Your History

Teraproof is a company of Consulting Engineers who were involved in the security program in the 1980’s and 90’s to protect the infrastructure and personnel of the security forces in Northern Ireland.   After the peace agreement in the late 90’s, much of the security program was run down and our engineers returned to helping Northern Ireland build for the future.

After the devastating attacks of September 11th 2001, Teraproof realised that it had unique knowledge and expertise that was not generally available to Architects and Engineers. We took on projects in many countries, disseminating knowledge on blast migration and fabrication of secure buildings. The following link is to an ERN article on our secure buildings program.

Though our contracts we became involved in perimeter security and in particular vehicle blocker technology.  We have worked with some of the industry leaders in this area and are now developing our own range of surface mounted blockers which use patented technology to arrest and dissipate the energy stored in the vehicle in a controlled manner.